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T17 Zoom AGM 2021 Information

T17 Shareholders have been invited to the Zoom AGM 2021 by email or post.

The AGM will approve the minutes of the 2020 AGM and receive the draft accounts for 2020.

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T17’s AGM – 22nd March, 2022

Transport 17’s AGM will be held on 22nd March, 2022, at the Shepley Spitfire, Mickley Lane. Invites are currently being sent out via email and post to all shareholders, volunteers and local stakehold

T17 AGM 2021 Draft minutes & financial report

The Draft Minutes of the 2021 AGM and Financial Summary for 2020 are available below. It was agreed that the Draft Accounts for 2020 will be brought to an EGM later in the year. Draft-minutes-2021-zoo


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