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Our Story

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Transport 17 is a small, friendly, charitable organisation which has existed within Totley and the wider community since 1984. The group was established by a local group of volunteers led by Alan Jockel, a previous vicar at Totley All Saints Church, who saw a need within the local community. They bought their first minibus for £10,000 paid for in equal parts by funds raised within the local community, and by Age Concern. Transport 17 now operates 3 minibuses, the most recent of which was purchased in 2016 for £50,000.

The organisation is non-profit making and is embedded within the community allowing for partnerships with local statutory and non-statutory groups. We are dependent on volunteers to provide our transport services, raise funds and be part of the Board of Trustees; however, this in turn provides opportunities for individuals across the age range to develop their skills, confidence, and friendship groups.

You can read more about the history of T17 by accessing the Totley Independent website here.
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