Transport17 Ltd

Totley, Sheffield S17

Why not become a Shareholder of Transport 17?

Transport 17 Ltd is registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefits Societies Act 2014. It was originally set up in 1983 as an ‘Association’ with the object of operating transport services for the benefit of the community. One way in which you can show your support for the Association is to become a ‘shareholder’. For a one off nominal sum of £1 you can become a shareholder which means:

  • you will be invited to at least one meeting a year, normally the AGM in March
  • you will have an opportunity to have a voice in the organisation
  • you can help to maintain the high quality of service provided
  • you can help to move the organisation forward

There is no financial benefit or liability in being a shareholder.

Please call into the office if you’d like to apply to be a shareholder in Transport 17 Ltd.