Transport17 Ltd

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Who are we?

Transport 17 is a small, friendly, charitable organisation which has existed within Totley and the wider community since 1984.   

We provide transport services to older and vulnerable people predominantly – but not
exclusively – living in South West Sheffield who would otherwise be unable to leave home, thereby
providing the opportunity for them to socialise in the local community. This reduces isolation, has a
positive impact on their mental health, and improves not only their own quality of life, but that of their
friends and families.

The organisation is non-profit making and is embedded within the community allowing for partnerships
with local statutory and non-statutory groups. We are dependent on volunteers to provide our transport
services; however, this in turn provides opportunities for individuals across the age range to develop their
skills, confidence, and friendship groups.

We currently make over 100 passenger trips each week to 9 clubs in S17 and the neighbouring areas from Monday to Friday using three minibuses.

We rely on volunteers to drive our buses, assist our passengers, raise funds and run the management committee.

Browse our website to find out more information about Transport 17, the areas we cover, and the ways you can get involved with us.

Part of the Sheffield Age UK S17 People Keeping Well Partnership

The partners work together to increase activities and services and support existing provision to increase mental and physical well-being for every member of the community.




and Supported by

Totley Open Gardens, Totley Independent, Totley Show, Dore Village Society, Cross Scythes Pub, Totley Rise Methodist Church, Totley All Saints Church, Dore Methodist Church, Dore and Totley United Reformed Church (URC), Freemasons and Lieutenancies Partnership Fund, Facey Family Foundation, Sheffield City Council Covid Recovery Fund


 Cutlers Company             

Heatherfield Club, Totley                    


Please get in touch if we can help you or if you’d like to help us!

They opened the prison doors for me.

I had no key.

They came with a smile and helpful arm

And oodles of charm.

They opened my world and let me see

There’s help out there for you and me.

The blue ‘bus rattles round the corner,

But unlike little Jack Horner,

With his curds and whey;

I’m off to a luncheon club.

So to all these caring volunteers

I lift my cuppa tea,

And say from me grateful thanks


Written by the late Pat Kelson